Hoeper Wedding

This client wanted her programs to be multi-functional. She requested programs that would double as handheld fans.

Dal Riata Productions

Dal Raita Productions need a logo designed for a company that they were starting.


Mischievous Creations

Mischievious creations is a sub-company of GeanaMarie, so the client originally wanted them to look similar, but after a while, the customer came back and needed a little more separation. 

GeanaMarie Creations


GeanaMarie Creations was a start-up that required all of my services.

One Blue Bead

One Blue Bead is a custom wedding jewelry company that needed their logo had to be elegant and as custom, as they are.

Holiday Cards

These are designs from simple holiday cards.


ATM Logo

This client need help to visualize their idea of a logo that incorporated money, and that would draw customers.

Above Average

Above Average needed flyers, banners and take away cards for pop-up store events.

Clothing Dezigns



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